Chicken Coop

Shhh… Don’t tell Colleen, but I just bought a book from Amazon called, “Chicken Coops: 45 Building Plans for Housing Your Flock”.  The kids and I went over to one of Violet’s friend’s houses yesterday and bought some chicken eggs.  They house 7 chickens in the big area in their backyard.  They get about 6 – 7 eggs a day.  Their daughter sells the eggs for $3 a dozen.

I’ve been buying eggs from the Farmer’s Market for $5.50 a dozen this season.  $5.50 a dozen is a stupidly obnoxious price.  $3, I can deal with.  But, even better, after the initial cost is paid for is not paying for eggs at all.  We’ve got an acre yard, we can afford to use some of that space for chickens.

It’s my goal for the summer, build a chicken coop.  That goal trumps the building a shed goal of earlier, which trumped the finish the attic goal from even earlier.