Our Garden

Disturbed by my recent readings, fueled by general unease of the news I read, and aided in the fact that Colleen couldn’t make past the first thirty minutes of Food, Inc. (you try to make it through that much of the movie without being disgusted), we have been making some changes around our little household.


We’ve made a concerted effort to start eating more organically grown vegetables, making sure that the meat we eat is grass fed and lacking the majority of chemicals found in the products at the large supermarkets and fast food restaurants (see my previous post about the McNugget.)  We’re visiting Farmer’s Markets and Food Co-ops more often than we have in the past.  The family is planning a visit to Polyface Farms (I read about in The Omnivore’s Dilemma).


We’ve started a garden (with some decent success) and I have a feeling that it will be greatly expanded next year.  Who would’ve thought having a garden would bring me enjoyment.


I put up a clothesline and we’ve started to make our own laundry detergent.   I feel a subscription to MOTHER EARTH NEWS in my future.  This is not to say the kids are eating anymore healthy than they have in the past, but we’re getting there.


There’s a sense of accomplishment.  A sense of settling in to a groove.  A feeling that we’re doing more as a family.  It’s not all perfect, but we’re trying.